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Have you been injured in Ohio, Indiana or Michigan?  Are you worried about what this may mean to your family or your job? Are insurance companies pressuring you? 


We understand: We have helped many people like you who have been through the pain, anguish and disruption caused by an injury.


We are experienced:  We have recovered millions for our clients.  We understand what it takes to negotiate with insurance companies to recover the compensation you are entitled to.


We are knowledgeable: Our injury attorneys are law school honors graduates. Our senior litigation attorney used to work for insurance companies defending injury claims. We understand the law and how to apply it to your advantage. 


Frequently Asked Questions

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Helping the injured get justice. 


I was hurt in an accident, what should I do?


First and foremost, you should get any medical treatment that you need. You should tell your doctor all of your injuries, including everything that hurts and how it is affecting you, and then follow your doctor’s treatment advice. If your injuries will require you to miss work, you should advise your employer as soon as possible. You should keep a log of work hours that you miss because of your injuries or treatment. When the insurance company for the other party calls you, and they will as soon as they can find you after your accident, you should not give any statements to them or discuss your medical conditions without first talking that over with your attorney. Anything that you say to the insurance company can be used against you.  As soon as reasonably possible contact one of our attorneys to talk about your injuries and what you should do next.

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Do I need an injury attorney?


If you’re asking yourself this question, then the answer is likely “yes.” Most people who have been injured in accidents that were not their fault can benefit from the services of an experienced attorney. The settlement of injury claims is becoming more and more complex each day. Even relatively minor cases where the medical expenses are under $10,000 can have difficult issues involving subrogation, coordination of health insurance benefits, medical payments coverage, medical provider collection, insurance inter-company arbitration and a multitude of other issues of which most people are simply unaware. Remember that insurance companies are only looking out for their own interests, not yours. They have professional claims adjusters who are looking for any way to reduce the amount they pay on your claim.  The lawyers and staff at Bish, Butler & Thompson, Ltd. will stand up to the insurance company and help guide you through the claims process so that you can focus on healing.

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What types of cases do you handle?


Our office can assist you with any of the following types of personal injury claims:


Auto Accidents

Trucking Accidents

Motorcycle Accidents

Slips, Trips and Falls – Premises Liability Claims

Traumatic Brain Injuries

Workplace Injuries

Dog Bites

Animal Caused Injuries

Minor Child Claims

Wrongful Death Claims due to any of the above

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What is my injury case worth? 

There is no magic formula or simple answer to this question.  It is impossible to guess what the value of any injury claim will be until all of the facts surrounding your claim are thoroughly investigated and reviewed.  Some of the key driving factors in determining the value of an injury claim are the costs of the medical treatment received, any anticipated future medical expenses, any injuries that are permanent, the location of any scarring or disfigurement, past and future lost wages, the impact your injuries have had on your ability to live life as you had prior to the accident, and the insurance coverages available.  Taking all of these factors into consideration once known will allow our attorneys to provide an estimated value range for your claim.

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Why should I pay an attorney a percentage of my injury settlement?


Because one hundred percent of $10,000 is $10,000; but, two-thirds of $30,000 is $20,000. This is a simple illustration designed to show you that an experienced injury attorney can often increase the size of a settlement enough to more than cover their fees. Insurance companies do not pay money willingly. If you do not have experienced representation, you are not likely to be offered a fair settlement. In most situations, hiring a knowledgeable injury lawyer will result in more dollars in your pocket at the end of the case than if you attempt to go it alone. Big insurance companies – like the ones you see in the TV commercials– know this and that’s why they contact people who are injured as soon as possible and try to get them to sign off their claims for a few thousand dollars. In addition, most people unfamiliar with the claims process will quickly become frustrated dealing with insurance adjusters, medical providers and collection agencies. You may feel forced into settling your claim quickly. You should never feel rushed into making a decision as important as resolving an injury claim. In most circumstances you have at least a year from the date of the incident in which to settle your claim. Hire one of our attorneys and let us handle the matter to minimize your frustration and maximize your outcome.

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Why should I choose Bish, Butler & Thompson, Ltd. to represent me?


Because knowledge and experience are the keys to a successful outcome of every claim.  Our law firm has been handling personal injury and wrongful death claims for decades.  We have achieved outstanding results for many clients; recovering millions of dollars along the way.  

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What types of losses can I recover?


This will depend on many things, including how bad you were injured and how the injury ocurred. It may also depend on the state where you were injured. What you can recover for injuries in Ohio may be different than what you can recover if you were injured in Indiana or Michigan. Depending on how and where the injury ocurred, the following losses may be recoverable:


Past and future medical expenses

Past and future lost wages

Property damage

Pain and suffering

Scarring and disfigurement

Loss of enjoyment of life

Loss of ability to engage in usual activities

Loss of Consortium of and for your loved ones

Other expenses directly related to your injuries

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Why isn’t the insurance company for the person who injured me paying my medical bills?


Most people assume the insurance company for the person responsible for their injuries will simply pay their medical expenses as they are incurred. Unfortunately, this is not always the reality. Insurance companies may only pay when your claim is settled and that may be several months or even years after the injury.  In the meantime, your medical providers will want their money.  Our injury attorneys and staff are experienced at coordinating your health insurance and medical payment coverage to assist in getting your bills paid and collection agencies off your back.  You should advise all medical providers if you have private health insurance available or are on Medicare or Medicaid and request that they submit all billing for your treatment to your health insurer.  If they refuse or demand your auto policy information, it is time to get one of our injury attorneys involved.

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Why do all my medical providers want my auto insurance information?


They will receive more money from your auto insurance – assuming you have medical payments coverage – than they would by billing your health insurance company or a government program. Medical providers want to be paid as much as possible for their services. When you are injured in an accident involving your vehicle, medical providers will seek out your medical payments coverage.  In today’s world, most medical providers have contracts with health insurance companies that require the medical providers to dramatically reduce the amount they accept as payment from health insurers. If the medical provider bills your auto insurance medical payments coverage they will receive 100% payment on their bill rather than the 60% or so they agreed to accept from your health insurance company.  Our lawyers can help stop this from happening.  This will allow your medical payments coverage to be used for its intended purpose, to pay your out of pocket medical expenses from your injury; like deductibles and co-pays.

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But I paid for my health insurance/medical payments coverage, what do you mean I have to pay them back?


Buried deep in the fine print of most insurance policies are provisions that require you to reimburse your health/auto insurer if you make a recovery from a third party that is responsible for your injury. This is called the right of subrogation and/or reimbursement. Never take your insurance company’s word that you have to repay them.  Our injury attorneys will request copies of your policies to determine if you have any obligations to repay and then we will negotiate with those that have a legitimate interest in your case to try to reduce the amounts they will accept as reimbursement. Each dollar that we are able to save in this manner is another dollar that goes into our client’s pocket at the end of the case. This is just another example of how an experienced injury attorney can increase a client’s overall recovery.

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