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Creditor rights bankruptcy attorney ohio indiana michigan


The firm has attorneys admitted to practice in the federal bankruptcy courts of Ohio, Indiana and Michigan. The firm represents creditors in Chapter 7, 11 and 13 cases. The firm maintains a direct electronic link to virtually every bankruptcy court in the country through the Pacer database for quick access to detailed information on bankruptcy filings.

Commercial Collections

Our attorneys diligently represent creditors in commercial collection matters.


The firm represents financial institutions and others in actions to recover personal property and secured collateral improperly retained by others. We have attorneys admitted or approved to practice in all bankruptcy courts in Ohio, Indiana and Michigan, in the event "relief from stay" is necessary to enforce the rights of creditors.

Interstate Litigation & Foreign Judgments

Commerce moves across state lines faster than ever. Our offices are headquartered in Williams County, Ohio, which is contiguous with both Indiana and Michigan. We understand the intricacies of interstate litigation and can act swiftly to litigate or transfer foreign judgments in the tri-state area.

Fraudulent Conveyances

When debtors attempt to conceal or transfer assets to evade enforcement of judgments we stand ready to take the appropriate action. We have experience in securing preliminary relief to secure the status of assets pending judgment.



  • Foreclosures and Garnishments

  • Secured Transactions

  • Adversary Proceedings

  • Motions for Relief from Stay

  • Bankruptcy Redemption Actions

  • Non-Dischargeability Suits

  • Preferential Transfer Litigation

  • Writs of Attachment and Writs of Possession

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